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1:1 Training Policies

All payments are due on the 1st of the month + will begin acquiring a daily late fee on the 3rd.

24 hour cancellation is required for any make ups. 

Any sessions needing to be rescheduled must be done so within the same month cycle, as we do not book partial months.

We kindly ask clients to give a full week's notice before discontinuing their training schedule. (Cancellation fees will apply without proper notice.)

Class + Contract Policies

All sales final.

Early contract termination requires ONE additional charge of the monthly contract dollar amount. 

8 hour cancellation is needed to receive class pass back in MindBody. 

Expiration dates cannot be extended, nor can cycles be “paused”.

Office Hours

The “office” closes at 1pm on Fridays, and reopens Monday at 8am. All inquiries, scheduling requests, etc. will be addressed Monday. 

Please understand that our “office staff” also trains / instructs, and will be available between scheduled commitments. 

Staff is on site 8-12p Saturday and Sunday and can relay any urgent messages at their discretion. 

All inquires are best sent via email or phone.

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